Highlights from the eBook

  • 12 week comprehensive program for increasing size and strength
  • Full video demonstrations for all workouts
  • Every workout video is packed with techniques and ways to pump up your back
  • Supplementation routine to sustain what you need on every workout.
  • Food recipes that would balance your body throughout the 12-week program.

“The quality of life is a product of all the small consistent efforts one puts in on a daily basis.”– Jeremy

Why Is Back Workout Important?

Training your back is important because it is a muscle just like the rest of your body. If it is not properly trained it will become unbalanced to the rest of the body and cause muscular imbalances due to compensating muscles trying to do work overtime for the lacking back muscles.

In the competitive world, the back is one of the most intricate and detailed body parts. A sharp, shredded and muscular back is extremely impressive to the judges and can give you the wow factor to take you from second to first place!

What makes Back eBook UNIQUE?

Note: From Jeremy Buendia, himself

To begin, humble yourself, even some of the most elite physiques lack the proper biomechanics to train their backs properly. If you struggle to touch your toes, your hamstrings are already too tight to get maximal growth from your back training!

This ebook will teach you how to correct the imbalances that most people have that prevent them from properly developing a complete and well developed back through various advanced training techniques.

Jeremy breaks down and explains the rehabilitation exercises needed to progress to the training that is necessary to build a back like the pros!

Detailed and specific workout programs that are explained by Jeremy on video.

Nutritional and supplementation protocols to help you time nutrient delivery to maximize growth and efficiency.

Learn how to maximize width and minimize waist size to emphasize an insane taper.

Ready to Start building your own legendary Back with Jeremy?

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