Reach Your fitness Goals for 2018


  • One-On-One Coaching to Keep You Motivated
  • Personalized Training Program to Realize Your Specific Goals
  • Detailed Blueprint to Verify You’re Meeting Each Milestone Along the Way!


taught by the 4x CHAMP!

are you ready for your transformation?

Ready to take your Physique
to the Next Level?

Hey What’s Up Everyone?

I’ve been blessed to win the Olympia Physique Championship
for the 4th consecutive year in a row!

To become the Champ, I realize the importance of having
a stabilized support and strict routine to stick to in order
to maximize your chances.

Without the Help of my coaches, family and friends,
I could never have accomplished what I have today.

This is the exact reason I created #TEAMBUENDIA! It’s a personalized program where you work one-on-one with
a specialized and dedicated coach so we can maximize
your chances for success as well!

One-On-One Coaching to Keep You Motivated

You will be matched up with a personal coach from my team that I personally know and vouch for! Your personal coach that will help motivate you, keep you on track towards achieving your goals, and answer any questions you have.

A specialized Training Program to Meet your Specific Goals

Whether you are wanting to meet your own fitness goals, or are wanting to assistance for competition, your coach will design a personalized program to assist you with achieving your goals.

A Charted Program to ensure you are meeting specific milestones along the way!

The famous saying:
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
Applies to any goal you want to achieve, including your fitness goals.
Your personalized coach will help create specific milestones that will motivate you to achieve your ultimate fitness outcome.



One of the biggest advantages of online training is flexibility and affordability. Each program is tailored to your specific goals and needs. Although you will not physically be in the gym with your coach, you will start to see the results you want with consistency and focus! Your competition package will include:

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