3 Sleep Tips for Bodybuilders for Optimal Muscle Recovery

3 Sleep Tips for Bodybuilders for Optimal Muscle Recovery

Like everyone else, I enjoy an occasional late night out with friends. This is where memories are made and fun is abundant. You’re probably the same way. However, if you want this to be your normal lifestyle, then bodybuilding may not be the sport for you.

Most people don’t know this, but sleep is the most important time of the day for your body to heal itself. Your brain doesn’t have as many functions to regulate (like when we’re awake), so it can focus on repairing damage and getting ready for the next day. Some of this damage includes microtears in your muscles you created while lifting. Since the healing of these tears is what leads to muscle growth, sleep is absolutely essential.

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3 Tips for the Ultimate Motivation

Most people think that getting into great shape is as easy as saying, “I’m going to start going to the gym every morning.”

If that were true, there probably wouldn’t be an obesity crisis in America today. The truth is, if you want to work towards a great body, you have to prioritize it.

The truth is, I have days when I just don’t want to do it at all (especially cardio). But bodybuilding is more than just working out when you feel like it. It’s an entire lifestyle that you have to stick to in order to get any results. Take it from me – it’s not easy, but nothing you have to work for is supposed to be easy.

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The Benefits to Building Your Chest

A lot of the people who follow me are either bodybuilders, or hope to become one someday soon. However, I’ve received a lot of feedback from guys who don’t really have an interest in competitive bodybuilding. They just want to improve their overall appearance and strength.

Fortunately, building a big chest benefits both of these groups.

Some of the benefits of building a huge chest are obvious, but others are less well-known. The quickest way to build a competition-worthy chest is to pick up my chest ebook, but here are some reasons why you would want to build your chest in the first place.

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Perfect Your Technique to Build a Massive Chest

In the late summer of last year, I hit the gym for a max chest day, and we brought the cameras along to record the whole thing. If you’re interested in checking it out, it’s at:

The cool thing was that I finally got the chance to work out with the crew from Strength Cartel. I’d been following these guys on social media for a while, and I saw that they all threw up some serious weight. We decided to meet up at the gym and go heavy on some chest exercises.

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Bodybuilding Diet Tips for Strength Training

For bodybuilders, working out is only one part of the equation to sculpting an awe-inspiring physique. Just as important as your lifting routine is your calorie consumption routine, otherwise known as your diet.

Diets aren’t fun to talk about (unless you’re that lady on Facebook telling everyone how much you LOVE the new “cleanse” you’re on right now). For normal people, especially guys, you want to eat what you want as long as you don’t get fat. Unfortunately, you can’t properly shred your body without a healthy diet.

But diets aren’t all about cutting. You need the right diet to GAIN muscle and strength as well. Here are four tips to maximize your diet for optimal strength gains.

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3 Mindset Hacks to Dominate Your Post-Show Recovery

It’s three weeks after the best competition of your life. For months, you dedicated yourself to a workout routine that would add amazing mass and shape to your muscles. You tracked every single piece of food you put in your mouth to make sure you stayed within your calorie limit and proper macros. You went to bed early and avoided alcohol. You even gave up that bachelor party in Vegas because you knew it would set your training back. And all the hard work paid off with your best competition finish yet.

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3 Useful Tips to Save Your Knees from Terrible Pain

As a bodybuilder, you spend a lot of time thinking about your muscles. You try everything you can think of to make them grow, make them stronger, and make them stand out. However, as bodybuilders, you should think about your body as whole, not just your muscles.

I talk a lot about working on your mental conditioning and how important that is to building your best self. But one area of the body that often gets overlooked is your joints. Because no one has ever complemented another bodybuilder with a, “Great knees!”, healthy knees remain a low priority.

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3 Amazing Ways a Coach Can Help You Overcome Fear, Doubt, and Failure

3 Amazing Ways a Coach Can Help You Overcome Fear, Doubt, and Failure (Or, Words of Wisdom from Batman’s Dad)

In the exceptionally badass movie Batman Begins, there is a scene where a young Bruce Wayne falls into a well and has to be rescued by his father. The elder Wayne pulls him out of the well and carries him into the house to care for his injuries. As Bruce is carried into the house by his father, Alfred the butler says, “Took quite a fall, didn’t we, Master Bruce?” To which Bruce’s father states,

“And why do we fall…? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

This quote is applicable to so many more people than just young billionaires who have stumbled into big holes. It’s true for anyone who has ever tried and failed. It’s for anyone who has reached for a goal and fallen short.

No one who has ever accomplished anything, whether it’s defeating The Joker, earning a promotion, or building an awe-inspiring physique, has ever done so without little failures along the way. But the little failures don’t have to mean long term defeat. In my One on One Coaching Program, my team can turn battles lost into wars won. Here are 3 ways a coach can help you overcome failure and accomplish your goals.


Process Over Results

If you’re constantly worrying about the end result in any given task you’re undertaking, you’re apt to get discouraged and quit when an obstacle lands in your path. For guys looking to get a competition-level body, that end goal can seem so far away when you start. If you get an injury or miss workouts or gain a few pounds of fat on a guys’ weekend, that ultimate body looks further away, and you start to feel like you’ll never get there.

Fortunately, a coach will help you focus on the process of building your body, not just the results. It truly is about the journey,

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Reminiscing 2016 & Visualizing Success In 2017

As I sit here reminiscing 2016, and visualizing my success in 2017, I can’t help but look back at all the ups and downs I have had. I’ve seen the highs and lows and how each experience has molded and sculpted my life for a specific reason. Every single obstacle, every single success was a stepping stone to where I stand today. So much has been accomplished, yet so much more is still out there to conquer.

2016 was a year that was designed to make me or break me. I faced a lot of personal battles that could have easily thrown me off my game, but yet I managed to grind thru and learn from the adversity. 2016 was a setup year. It was year of growth and hard work where I didn’t get to reap the benefits to the fullest. A lot of hard work with not a lot in return but the lesson that was learned was that patience is key; that is what I was able to take away.

I had a lot of things that challenged my character and I was put infant of a lot situations that would cause most to turn their back on their goals. But that’s not who I am, nor who I was brought up to be. My circle has gotten smaller as my name has grown bigger. The distractions have climbed but my self-discipline has as well. No longer am I a kid where it’s okay to “mess up”, as an adult we have to make calculated and educated decisions because as an adult a single choice can change your life in a blink of an eye.

2016 I felt was my time to make a statement. 1 win is an accomplishment, but some say was a gift. 2 wins impacted the industry, but left some saying it was a fluke. 3 wins was a statement that left people eating their words. I have worked my ass off since I can remember. Always being told I was undersized, always being told I was the underdog.

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