3 Amazing Ways a Coach Can Help You Overcome Fear, Doubt, and Failure

3 Amazing Ways a Coach Can Help You Overcome Fear, Doubt, and Failure (Or, Words of Wisdom from Batman’s Dad)

In the exceptionally badass movie Batman Begins, there is a scene where a young Bruce Wayne falls into a well and has to be rescued by his father. The elder Wayne pulls him out of the well and carries him into the house to care for his injuries. As Bruce is carried into the house by his father, Alfred the butler says, “Took quite a fall, didn’t we, Master Bruce?” To which Bruce’s father states,

“And why do we fall…? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

This quote is applicable to so many more people than just young billionaires who have stumbled into big holes. It’s true for anyone who has ever tried and failed. It’s for anyone who has reached for a goal and fallen short.

No one who has ever accomplished anything, whether it’s defeating The Joker, earning a promotion, or building an awe-inspiring physique, has ever done so without little failures along the way. But the little failures don’t have to mean long term defeat. In my One on One Coaching Program, my team can turn battles lost into wars won. Here are 3 ways a coach can help you overcome failure and accomplish your goals.


Process Over Results

If you’re constantly worrying about the end result in any given task you’re undertaking, you’re apt to get discouraged and quit when an obstacle lands in your path. For guys looking to get a competition-level body, that end goal can seem so far away when you start. If you get an injury or miss workouts or gain a few pounds of fat on a guys’ weekend, that ultimate body looks further away, and you start to feel like you’ll never get there.

Fortunately, a coach will help you focus on the process of building your body, not just the results. It truly is about the journey, not just the destination. It’s about who you become along the way that will make the biggest change in your life. Your coach can help you focus on one workout at a time and one meal at a time. That way you’ll constantly keep your goals in sight.






Doubt Your Doubts

Most of the time, it’s not “the haters” that are holding you back. It’s your own fears and doubts. It’s that little voice in your head saying you’ve failed before, and you’ll fail again.

Fortunately, when you’re working with a coach, you’ll have another voice encouraging you to keep working and telling you how much progress you’ve made.

It’s perfectly normal to have trepidation about accomplishing something you never have before. But confidence grows when you repeat something over and over, and the process of training and eating well day after day will make you feel unstoppable in less time than you think.


A Team Doesn’t Need to Be Big

Your little league coach may have described the word team with the acronym, “Together Everyone Achieves More.” This corny little line actually has a lot of truth in it. Doing things by yourself is hard. That’s why cavemen formed communities, that’s why warriors formed armies, and that’s why bodybuilders use coaches.

A team is simply two or more people working together to accomplish a goal. You and your coach can be the dynamic duo designed to shred and sculpt your body. You don’t need a lifting coach, a nutritionist, a psychiatrist, and a shaman. If you have the right coach, they can do the work of all those people and more.


Failure Makes Success Even Sweeter

If you work toward a goal and succeed every step of the way, it would feel pretty mundane. It sounds weird, but the failure you encounter on the way to your success creates a greater sense of validation and fulfillment in your achievement. It’s sweeter when you know how many times you’ve fallen.

And how many times you got back up.

If you’re interested in changing your physique and your life, check out my Coaching Program. We’ll help you reframe every failure to give you a better chance for success.

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