How to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

You probably immediately read the title and laughed or sneered.

A lot of people think it’s not very possible to reduce fat and bulk up at the same time. In fact, it sounds outright contradictory.

The problem with this thinking is that bodybuilders have to lose while making gains if they want to be competitive. It’s one of the main banes of our profession because we have to show off pique physical condition with all the vascularity and toning we can get. I have come up with my own technique of simultaneously getting big and slimming down, which is one of the many things you can learn with my VIP Membership.

In the meantime, let me tell you a few ways you can start losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. It’s possible. I promise.


If nothing else, you should be doing cardio for a healthy body and overall fitness level. The biggest muscle gods can look ripped, but they will probably be in horrible shape if they don’t do cardio. A fantastic physique is great, but health is ultimately more important? In any case, what I’m about to tell you will really get you thinking about cardio.

The main reason why bodybuilders stray away from cardio is because people say it burns more muscle than fat, and this is true, but not always. In reality, you can do cardio up to 6 times a week, but you should alternate between high intensity blasts and slower cardio. Mixing it up really gets your metabolism on edge and over time your body will tap into your fat stores (the slow burning stuff) rather than your muscle (the fast burning stuff for spur of the moment energy).


With cardio, the thing you really need to be concerned about is your energy levels throughout the day. When your energy really sags and you become lethargic, that probably a sign you’re not eating enough calories. If you barely have the energy to go for a short run, your body definitely won’t have the fuel to add muscle.

To add muscle, even on a low-calorie diet, you need to really pack in the protein. That’s your secret sauce. If you’re eating copious amounts of lean proteins (think chicken breasts and turkey), you’re going to get a ton of muscle-building fuel without a lot of calories.

Diet is where your money is made. There are a ton of guys in every gym in America that can pack on huge amounts of mass, but they lack the discipline to diet like the pros.

Easier Said than Done

The regimen described above can be really tough considering the amount of discipline and scheduling that goes into it. But nobody said it would be easy. In reality, in order to make real gains you have to put in some real effort to get the perfect bodybuilder’s body you have dreamed about.

If you’re serious and you want to start building like the pros do, then you should really consider joining my VIP Membership. I can show you how to start your workout and end with the body you’ve always wanted.

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