How do I access my ebook after I purchase?

There are several ways to access your ebook after your purchase. As soon as you complete the order, you can download the ebook directly from the purchase confirmation page. You will also receive a purchase receipt email that has a link to download the eBook, and a PDF attachment. If you do not see the email within 5 minutes of purchase, please check your spam for an email from jeremy@jeremybuendiafitness.com .

I exceeded download limits for my ebook, what can I do?

If your download stalled and you were unable to download the ebook from the link, you can always download the PDF attachment from the purchase confirmation email.

I purchased an ebook and lost the file, can a new copy be sent to me?

Computer problems happen, we get it! First, you should check your email for the original purchase receipt. Orders after May 2019 included a PDF attachment with the purchase receipt email, so you should be able to re-download the ebook at any time. If you purchased prior to May 2019 or cannot locate the email with the ebook attachment, you can send an email to cs@jeremybuendiafitness.com – please include: 1. Your name 2. The email you used to place the order 3. The order number (if you have it) 4. The name of the ebook. Once we verify your order, we will send you a new copy of the ebook.

What equipment do I need for the eBook training programs?

You will need access to a gym for all training programs as they all call for both free weights and specific machines. A standard gym with weightlifting equipment will have everything you need.

Are ebooks available in languages other than English?

No, at the moment ebooks are only available in English.

I want to lose weight, what eBook should I buy?

The Shred with Buendia ebook includes a comprehensive program for shedding body fat and building lean muscle.

I want to increase muscle size, what eBook should I buy?

The Bulk with Buendia eBook includes a detailed training program for increasing muscle mass.


What should I eat during training?

All ebooks include nutritional guidance and sample meal plans. Coaching programs also include nutritional guidance specific to your training routine and goals.

Do ebooks include vegetarian meals?

Suggested meals are not vegetarian, but all ebooks include a breakdown of suggested amounts of protein and carbs, so you can easily substitute lean vegetarian protein options in for the meat.
Example meal:
5-7oz lean protein
6-8 oz complex carbs
1/2 cup vegetables

Can I make substitutions for suggested meals?

Yes, as long as you follow suggested guidelines for the amount of protein, carbs, etc you can make substitutions based on what you have available.

Can I fast while training?

While fasting does not fit into the recommended meal schedule, it is possible to make adjustments as long as you are still getting enough calories and timing your workouts in line with your food intake. If you plan to fast during training, we highly recommended working with a TeamBuendia coach so that you can be sure you are not over-working and under-eating.

What supplements should I take?

All ebooks include supplement guidance. Coaching programs also include supplement guidance specific to your training routine and goals. Supplement guidance will allow you to make substitutions based off of the supplements available in your area.

Should I use steroids?



How does coaching work?

Coaching is done completely online so you can join TeamBuendia no matter where you are! All coaching clients are given access to the TeamBuendia coaching app through Trainerize. You will be paired with a TeamBuendia coach who will design a custom training program for you. Check ins, workouts, nutrition and supplementation guidance, and communication will be sent through the app. All coaching clients also have access to Group Q&A calls with Jeremy Buendia and other coaching clients. You will have frequent check ins with your coach to make adjustments to your training, get your questions answered, and more.

I purchased coaching, when does my training start?

Training generally begins a few days after your purchase. Once your purchase a coaching package, you will receive a purchase confirmation email. You will receive a separate email with more information about what your coaching package includes. In order to begin training, you will be to be set up in the Trainerize/TeamBuendia App, so you will need to keep an eye out for your login details, which will come via email. If you do not receive your login details within 24 hours of purchase, please contact cs@jeremybuendiafitness.com and include your name and email.

What’s the difference between Lifestyle and Contest/Competition Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching packages are designed to help you reach personal fitness goals, while contest/competition prep packages are designed specifically for bodybuilding competition training.

If I sign up for coaching, will I get to work with Jeremy?

Coaching clients are assigned a TeamBuendia coach (approved by Jeremy) but will also be in contact with Jeremy himself through the app, group Q&A calls, etc.


How does VIP membership work?

When you become a VIP Member on jeremybuendiafitness.com you get access to all VIP Membership materials on the site, an exclusive Facebook group, and access to a monthly Q&A call with Jeremy. Membership charges process monthly on the same day you signed up. You can read about all membership benefits here.

I cannot access my VIP membership, how can I reset the password?

On the login screen you will see “Forgot password” below the login form. Click that and enter your email you used to create the account. You will receive an email with password reset link.

How can I cancel my membership?

You have to login to your membership account. Go to your My Account page scroll down to the bottom and you will see  Subscriptions section. You will see Cancel subscription option there. Click that and it will ask for your confirmation. Once cancelled you should see this message on the page “Your account is now canceled.”


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Credit Cards and Paypal. All payments much be made in full at the time of purchase, we do not accept payments in installments.

Can I get a refund?

Sales for all products and services are final. You can read the full refund policy here.

Are Jeremy Buendia Fitness programs just for men?

Definitely not! All ebook training programs are for anyone who wants to put in the work to build a better body! Coaching services are personalized and can be catered to anyone.

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