How to make sure you get my emails

Scroll down the page to find your email program for detailed instructions.


1. Open the email in your inbox.

2. Hover over the sender’s name.

3. Click “More” in the pop-up box.

4. Select “Add to contacts” to save the sender to your Contacts list.



1. Log in to your account and click the “Options” link.

2. Select “Mail Options from the drop-down menu.


3. In the “Options” tab, select “Filters from the left menu.

4. Click the “Add Filter” button in the top bar.

5. Type a name for your filter in the “Filter name” field.

6. Select “contains” in the “sender” drop-down menu.

7. Type the sender’s email address in the “sender” text field.

8. In the “Move to Folder” drop-down menu, select “Inbox.”

9. Click the “Save Changes” button in the top bar to save the filter.



1. Log into your account and click the “Settings” link.


2. On the “Settings” page, select “Spam Settings.”

3. Choose “Allow mail only from addresses I specify” on the drop-down menu.

4. Enter the sender’s email address.

5. Click the “Add” button to add them to your sender list.

6. Click “Save” to save your changes.


Mac Mail:

1. Select “Mail” and “Preferences” from the top menu.


2. In the “Preferences” window, click the “Rules” icon.

3. Click the “Add Rule” button.


4. In the “Rules” window, type a name for your rule in the “Description” field.

5. Use the following settings: “If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains.”

6. Type the sender’s email address in the text field beside “Contains.”

7. Select “Move Message” and “Inbox” from the drop-down menus.

8. Click “Ok” to save the rule.


Outlook 2003 (and higher):

1. Right-click on the message in your inbox.

2. Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu.

3. Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”


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