Is Dairy Bad for Your Health?

One of the biggest disciplines you must have as a bodybuilder is dietary.

Whether you’re bulking or cutting, it’s not how much you eat but what you’re eating. Yes, you do have to hit a certain number of calories and macros, but 20 grams of protein from a Big Mac is not the same as 20 from salmon.

One all too common calorie source I stay away from is dairy. That’s to not say it’s all bad. Milk has protein, and yogurt has probiotics. There are definitely some good things that come from that glass of milk, but overall, I believe it’s time to ditch dairy. I’ll give you a rundown of all the best nutrition advice on my site, but today, I’m going tell you why I’m not gulping down milk.


Over 70 percent of the human population can’t properly digest lactose. That can range from bad gas to a severe medical issue. Regardless of where you sit on that scale—and chances are you do sit on it—that means dairy can slow you down.

Old bodybuilding wisdom says milk should be avoided pre-competition because of the bloating. No matter how hard you worked to get cut, you’ll get on stage looking smooth and flabby. Well, that bloating is actually intestinal, and regardless of your competition plans, that’s an issue. Nothing is worse than trying to battle stomach cramps in the gym.

Diet Displacement 

This one might come as a no-brainer. When you cut out dairy, you have an opportunity to replace it with healthier foods. Especially during cutting season, you have to make sure your meals are nutritionally dense. Milk definitely provides some vitamins, but it’s not going to do much compared to veggies and complex carbs.

If you cut dairy in order to make room for something unhealthy, you’re making a bad move. A lot of people think, “Since I cut milk, I have more room for fatty meat or sugar.” That’s not the case. Cutting high-calorie dairy is a great way to cram healthier foods down your throat.

High Fat

While this doesn’t apply to skim milk, most dairy is primarily made up of fat. Cheese is 74 percent, and butter is 100 percent. You need fats. There’s no way around it. But they need to come from better sources. If you’re taking most of your fat from dairy, there’s no room for Omega 3s from flax and walnuts.

Fill up your macros with a diverse diet. Dairy can severely throw those off, and the fats do very little for your body. Plus, going overboard with your fats, especially in one meal, can make you feel sluggish. No amount of pre-workout will overcome the low after a cheeseburger.


We’ve all heard the line “milk builds strong bones,” but have you noticed that milk ads have dropped it? That’s because studies have shown that milk actually has negative effects on osteoporosis. Countries with higher dairy consumption tend to have more bone fractures.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s better to go with other calcium sources. That’s because those sources are some of the healthiest foods you can choose: dark, leafy greens and nuts. So if you have the choice between a low-nutrition source that might damage your bones or a nutrient-dense source that definitely won’t, what will you pick?


In the end, it’s up to you to take care of your diet. With a membership to my site, you’ll get all sorts of great nutrition help. It’s tough to do it on your own, but I’ll help you wade through the nonsense to be the best you can be.

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