Take Advantage of the Most Anabolic Time of Your Prep to Grow into a MONSTER - Right After Competing On-Stage

  • Full details from Jeremy sharing the importance of taking your workouts to the next level during the Rebound Period
  • 21 days detailing nutrition, supplementation aerobic and workouts for each day
  • Detailed workout videos with instructional and live demos to follow


  • After Stepping off stage from competition, does it mean you stop eating healthy?
  • Do you stop training hard? Maybe we let off the gas and do everything mediocre?
  • No way!
  • The “rebound” is the time period immediately following a show. The rebound period is around 18-21 days where your body is most susceptible to change.
  • In my new eBook, I’ll share with you the secrets to training your body during the most important time where your body is most septic to achieving massive muscle gains!

21 Days Detailing Precise Nutrition, Supplementation, Workouts, and Areobic Exercises

Through each of the 21 days during your rebound period, I provide you with a comprehensive plan to follow which assists with developing solid muscle gains.

Full Workout Videos Providing Comprhensive Insructions and Live Demonstrations

Don’t second guess how to properly perform each exercise. I break out the mechanics by demonstrating proper technique for ensuring ultimate performance.

Ready to Take Advantage of THE REBOUND EFFECT?

You can have immediate access to my eBook and start Rebounding like the Champ! To get started, click the “Download Ebook Now” button below.

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