About the Shred to Olympia 8 Week Transformation Challenge

Here is your chance to go to the 2018 Olympia to see Jeremy win his 5th consecutive title! This may be Jeremy’s last Olympia so you don’t want to miss out on history! The 8 Week Shred To Olympia Challenge is a challenge to see who can have the best 8 week transformation! The winner will get a trip to Las Vegas to meet Jeremy and have the full Olympia Experience! Flights, 2 night stay at a hotel, 2 VIP Olympia tickets , $500 spending cash, Evogen Supplements, Hera X Hero clothing, and a chance to meet Jeremy in person! No excuse now! Let’s get shredded with Jeremy and take on Olympia together!

Start the Shred to Olympia 8 Week Transformation Challenge with the 4X Olympia Champion himself!

This will be an 8-week challenge where contestants will be judged upon who can

make the biggest transformation.

Click here to read the official rules and instructions.



are you ready for your transformation?

We Provide you with 2 Options to Participate

$199.00 – Receive Shred With Buendia Ebook and utilize the plan to create your own best transformation

$449.00 – Receive Shred With Buendia Ebook & 8 week online coaching with Team Hero Head diet coach David Kim with weekly check ins!

Do You Dare
To Take On #TeamBuendia's
Upcoming Challenge?

We Provide You with an Option of Having a Training Program Customized To Meet Your Fitness Goals

#TeamBuendia is Here to Help Educate, Train, & Motivate You Throughout the Entire Challenge!

Everything is Included to Build Your Best Physique in Shred to Olympia 8 Week Transformation Challenge!

By Signing Up with the Shred to Olympia 8 Week Transformation Challenge with Coaching Plan You'll Receive:

A beginner/intermediate or advanced coaching plan with bi-weekly Check-ins with a personal coach to help nail your target.
Guidance into using Jeremy's macro nutrient calculator with meal planning and a food list for creating the ultimate nutrition plan.
Full 90 Day Access to Jeremy's VIP Membership Site.

60 Day Access to Jeremy's VIP Membership

By Joining you'll receive FULL access to videos and other training resources,including workouts, supplementation,and nutrition informaton.

You'll also get inspired by Jeremy by watching all his videos in and out of the Olympia Competition.

Grand Winner Receives Over $2,000 in Prizes, with a Chance to:

Meet the 4x Physique Champ in Person!
Win a trip to Vegas to see 2018 Olympia Live
Receive a full year access to Jeremy's VIP Membership site (a $600 Value!)
Receive shoutouts on Jeremy's Website and Social Media Channels

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