Jeremy Leaves Nothing Out! You'll learn all of his hidden secrets on quickly eliminating body fat without sacrificing your muscle gains.

  • Details on properly calculating your needed daily nutrition for optimizing your Shred results.
  • A detailed supplementation schedule
  • Full video demonstrations of all workouts – making every technique visible

Taught Directly by

the 4x Champ himself!

are you ready for your own transformation?

Learn everything I use for achieving optimal Shredding results!

  • There is a science behind shredding.
  • As the 4x consecutive champ, I’ve mastered my own techniques for eliminating body fat efficiently  that doesn’t sacrifice your hard-earned muscle gains.
  • This eBook is CRAMMED with everything needed for optimizing your shred results.
  • Are you Ready to “Shred with Buendia?”

Full Supplementation Details

I’ll be sharing the same exact supplementation program I use during my shredding phase so you can directly apply them and obtain similar results!


Full Video Demonstrations

This eBook is Crammed with detailed workout videos. Learn proper technique with live instructional videos taught by Jeremy.


Are You Ready to Start Shredding like the 4x Olympia Physique Champ?

You can start learning everything I know about shredding by ordering your copy Today.

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