7 Best Bodybuilding Foods

Bulking can either be the most rewarding or the most soul crushing phase of your training.
Done right, you’ll see an increase in lean muscle mass, you’ll feel great, and you won’t have to go insane with food restrictions. Done wrong, you’ll look and feel bloated and sluggish.

Bulking doesn’t mean you have free reign to eat whatever you want. You don’t want to be the guy pounding five Snickers bars a day and saying it’s for “bulking.” You still need to count your macros, and they still need to come from the right sources. My new ebook, Bulk with Buendia, provides full recipe videos, but it’s important to know what makes up those meals. Here’s my list of the 7 best bodybuilding foods. Let’s start with the protein. Read More  » Read more about: 7 Best Bodybuilding Foods  »

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