Top 3 Tips To Stay In Shape While Travelling

Being on the road should not be an excuse to slack on your training. Traveling definitely makes staying on track with your workouts and diet more difficult, but it’s not impossible. Talk to any professional bodybuilders or hardcore gym-goers and you’ll see that they always find a way to workout and stay in shape even when they’re on the road.

Don’t make excuses.

You put in a lot of work to look good for that trip and you don’t have to sacrifice all your gains on a few days of binging. If you do it right, you can enjoy your trip without throwing away all your hard work. You can have cheat meals and rest days – but only if you do it right!


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Ready to stop making excuses? Here’s how to make it happen.

1) Know What You’re Eating

Between the puny portions served on airplanes and the temptation to binge, diet is usually the first to suffer when you travel. But remember – weeks of hard work can be undone by a few days of binge eating. Plus, if you go crazy on salty or sugary foods you’ll probably end up feeling bloated and gross anyway – so when you treat yourself, do it the right way. Learn how to maximize cheat meals so that you feel satisfied and not just full of junk and empty calories.

Consider continuing with your meal prep while on the road. If you stay in a hotel or apartment with a kitchen, you can stock up on food for the duration of your trip and control your food intake. Remember, all the Jeremy Buendia eBooks contain suggested meals to get you started on meal prep.

You can also mix in some professionally prepared meals. A lot of meal plan services today have innovated and revolutionize meal planning and preparation and offer easy options for travel meals. Plan ahead and you can take meals on your trips or on even on the plane.

Check out Jeremy eating his MegaFit meal on the plane:

Nothing is worse than being stuck on an international flight with their 2.5oz protein portions they serve every 8 hours. – I’ve been working too hard on these gains to let them diminish on a long flight ✈️ – Not only that, @megafitmeals has meal options that are actually decent when they are eaten cold. – I know most competitors have been thru the cold tilapia ordeal. Opening up that stinky tupperwear, digging your fork into that stiff piece of fish, and then you get to slurp down that brown gooey gelatin type remnants attached to the edge of each fish filet. Yuuuuuuuum 🤮🤢 – @megafitmeals Fiesta Turkey Bowl and Lemon Chicken Skewers were clutch on this flight. No microwave? No problem!

55.8k Likes, 217 Comments – 4x Mr. Olympia Physique Champ (@jeremy_buendia) on Instagram: “Nothing is worse than being stuck on an international flight with their 2.5oz protein portions they…”

Stay hungry. Stay dedicated!

2) Take Advantage Of Day Passes at local gyms

Not all hotels have gyms, and a sometimes what the hotel is calling a “gym” is pretty pathetic. Do your research before your trip so you know what to expect. A lot of the time, it’s better to search out local gyms so you can make sure you have access to all the equipment you need.

First, check with your current gym and see if they offer travel passes to their locations in other cities. A lot of gyms will offer free or discounted access to their other locations. If travel passes aren’t an option, check out gyms near where you are staying and see what their options are for day or week passes. Most gyms have short-term plans for travelers.

If you are visiting a friend, check with them about their gym’s guest passes. Many gyms allow members to bring a friend for free for a day or even up to a week. You might be able to save yourself some money and have a gym bro to keep you motivated.

3) Keep Workout eBooks On Hand

All the Jeremy Buendia ebooks are the perfect travel companion. As long as you can secure gym access during your trip, you don’t have to have any interruption to your training routine. The ebooks can be accessed on your phone so you can keep your routine and all of Jeremy’s video demos of each movement with you.

So stock up on Jeremy Buendia ebooks before your next trip! And don’t forget to share photos of you working out around the world and use the #GainsOnTheGo hashtag for a chance to be featured!

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