Welcome to the Gun Show: Our High Rep Arm Workout

I’m a big proponent of focusing on the chest and back when trying to add mass and presence.

But adding a ton of muscle in these areas just won’t look right without adding the requisite size to your arms.

Check out this video of my 1000-rep workout with Jason Poston. Yep, 1000 reps. Yep, all for the arms. That’s it:


With my VIP membership, you can get the routines and muscle-building strategies to smash at the gym and really get your body into competition shape. For now, here are a few tips on how to really complete your bodybuilder profile and build those biceps.

High Rep Workout

There’s a lot of discussion today in and out of the bodybuilding world about how effective high-rep workouts are for your muscles. Personally, I think they are an integral part of building the perfect physique, especially for arm muscles which usually build real quick and easy. As you can see in the video, we go for 4 sets of 25 reps each.

The thing is, you don’t have to do 1000 reps in a day at the gym. We just did that for fun. I know, we’re showoffs, but that’s our job.

Mix Free Weights and Machines

Like the video shows, we use a healthy mix of machines and free weights throughout our workout. This is another controversial thing because a lot of guys will tell you that free weights are the only way to go. That’s fine because they give you a very natural range of motion that builds your muscle for practical purposes.

However, bodybuilding is not practical per se, it’s actually a hobby of making your body as big and bad as you can get. If anything, machines are perfect for the way that the motions concentrate on certain muscles, especially when you are working out your arms.

That doesn’t mean you get to throw away free weights completely. In our 1000 rep workout, we use both because that is how you get a great all around workout. Free weights help build secondary muscles while machines really blast specific muscles with concentrated motions.

Supplement Midway

Depending on the length of your workout, you’re going to be burning through a lot of calories and nutrients. Our 1000-rep arm workout was hours long, which meant we were really putting our bodies to the test. When you go for hours at the gym to get your body going, you really need to pay attention to how much you are beating up your body and depleting your energy.

A good vitamin powder or energy mix will get you going. You will feel full so you won’t have the growing anxiety of hunger gnawing at your belly. At the same time, most mixes come with ingredients that give you a much needed energy boost halfway through your workout.

Work Hard, Feel Good

I think the best part of a high-rep workout comes from the fact that you really feel it at the end. High-rep workouts tend to make your body feel the burn even more than a low-rep workout. It’s really satisfying, and good biological feedback that your workout was effective.

You always need to strike a good balance between high and low reps so you can really build muscle tone and endurance. My VIP membership will help you do just that so you can get the perfect physique to show off and feel good.



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